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Research project executive summary

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Title of the project

Fill with the title of the project.

Project responsible/ director

The name of the person which will be responsible for implementation of the project

Team members

Name, position and affiliation of the members of the team. Indicate position in project and the main duties (if applicable)

Main objective of the project

Main objective of the project with a short description of the final aim

Specific objectives / Activities

A short description of the specific objectives and desired results. Please indicate the deliverables.

Description of the activities and the timetable for every activity

Material and methods

Indication of the main methods supposed to be used for attending the objectives.Not an exhaustive description of the method, but instead the name of the method (if is a very common method) or a short description of the method (if is a specific method). Please indicate (orientative) the number of the samples. Please fill with the necessary materials. 

Number of the samples